Garden Retail Service Company (former Flory) is the largest manufacturer and supplier of nutritive soils, plant protection products for garden, backyard and home to Russian market and the near-abroad.

The company is included in Rostkom Group of Companies together with Fasko Company. Nowadays the company owns a plenty of manufacturing innovative technologies for the production of high-quality products that meets the highest demands for the production of planting, special-purpose and universal soils, mineral, organic and mineral and organic fertilizers for vegetables, decorative and horticultural crops and lawns.

The product range includes: soils for vegetables and decorative crops, liquid fertilizers, liquid organic and mineral fertilizers, dry mineral and organic and mineral fertilizers, complex special-purpose mineral and organic and mineral fertilizers, water-soluble plant food fertilizers, stick fertilizers for houseplants, draining, plant protection products, rodenticides and fungicides, means for cesspools, suburban composting toilets, septic tanks, winter-protective constructions, means for ponds and decorative reservoirs, forage for decorative fish and garden birds.